Air heaters are able to control fluid temperature up to 190°C, with power up to 900 kW. These units are provided with heating elements, ventilation system, power cabinet, control panel, certificated regulation and safety system. The product is offered in mono-bloc version with a durable powder coated steel frame, easy to install and start up. Air heaters are divided into various categories depending on the heating mode and the temperature to be achieved. These products are widely utilized in industrial air heating units or as furnaces.

Electrical Heater
Fluid heating and thermoregulation by electric resistances.
Heating through Indirect system
Heating and thermoregulation by heat exchangers. These units use a hot primary fluid (from an already available pipeline) that goes through a heat exchanger to heat and control a secondary one. The secondary fluid temperature regulation is guaranteed from a 4-20 mA control system. Indirect systems bring benefits when you want to take advantage of a pre existing thermal power to heat air.