Experience and innovation to serve the industry

TWK srl, founded in 1996, plays a key role in the Italian and international market as a leader in the heat production and temperature control for the industry. The great experience gained over the years in the energy sector and plants , together with the continuous collaboration with customers, allowed TWK srl to develop innovative projects with a high efficiency, functionality and reliability.

A selection of products for many productive activities

Much of the company success is supported by the large number of products, which cover a wide range of thermal potential (6 to 5000 kW ) , working fluids ( oil, water , steam and air ) and power supply systems (electric, gas, oil , secondary circuits ), all made to satisfy every customer’s requirements and expectations. We have developed built-in units, standard or special, specifically designed to be simple, safe, reliable, and applicable to a variety of industries; these devices are widely used in several sectors, from textile to woodworking , from plasticizing to chemical , from the mold industry to the food one.

Standard and customized products

Each project is studied in detail by TWK’s engineers and technicians, who are able, with the help of the most modern graphics software, to reconcile product efficiency and reliability to an innovative design and more compact dimensions. The use of metal cutting and bending machines, combined with many years of experience in welding of steels and alloys, allows the company to adapt to the market needs, supplying the customer with countless bespoke solutions, as well as with a wide range of standardized products.

Maximum result respecting environment

The strong market competitiveness, increasingly stringent standards in terms of safety, energy and environment and the expansion of commercial boundaries, pushed TWK srl to a continuous research in the waste reduction and energy efficiency, which are today our core values. Thanks to this incessant evolution and its ability to adapt to an increasingly diversified demand, over the years TWK srl has taken a good share of heat generators market, with great feedback from its many clients.

Why choose us?

Because we are driven by passion for what we deliver every day. With competence and dedication, we developed over the years a very high quality product, safe, respectful of the environment and the codes, and affordable at the same time.
Because the long collaboration with companies from different sectors has enabled us to acquire knowledge and skills, making our products more and more exclusive and suitable to different types of productions.
Because we don’t follow the rigid schemes of the assembly line, but we design and build unique systems, customized for your business.

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Wood 15%
Plastic 30%
Textile 10%
Food&Beverage 5%
Paper 40%