Technical Support

The technical support is a fundamental commitment for our company. Working for many years in the industry, we know our clients’ needs, such as cost saving and high productivity, so we have a structured support organization to ensure efficiency, promptness and an excellent diagnostics for all units installed. This is our promise, a top class and safe in time product, an asset for our customers, because when the machine is in perfect condition, it delivers high productivity with minimal operating cost. For this reason, we provide a full technical support service, divided into three different levels: on-line technical support, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance support.

Assistance forms

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On-line technical support

The on-line technical service is the basis and completely free: filling out the form linked above customers can obtain technical information of the product, spare parts or report any anomalies.


Extraordinary maintenance support

The extraordinary maintenance support covers all customers without a service contract who wish to obtain an occasional or unplanned presence; in this case, filling out the form, the customer will be contacted to schedule the operation in a short time.


Contract of ordinary maintenance

The most complete level of support. It includes planned interventions, staff training, basic technical support. This procedure is advantageous because it extends the useful life of the product, preserves the performance, allows to program and optimize downtime.


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